Samstag, 13. Februar 2016

2nd round „Bavarian League“ Ladies 2016 Sat 13.02.2016 Munich

5 Hot Shot girls just wanted to have fun – so off they went to Munich, to face their German opponents for the second match day.
The other teams‘ strong performance from the last duels still in mind, and with 2 matches scheduled, the Hot Shots arrived there in good mood, but with low expectations.
As their coach was supposed to play 2nd Bundesliga in Graz on the same day, the five girls had to do without – or so they thought, until for the first match against Kaufering, Tommi, the Munich‘ coach, offered support. Anyway, the strategy was obvious: smart defense ! So, the Hot Shots passed each other, kept the ball, crossed the field, awaited the right moment and pulled cold blooded attacks. Kaufering had two more lines of field players – but no answer to the Hot Shots‘ tactics. Result: 7:3.
Happy, tired and  bruised from the first match, the Innsbruck girls were prepared for destruction in the second match against Munich. And although the Munich girls attacked and fought smarter than their colleagues from Kaufering, the concentrated Hot Shots power could not be defeated. The thight match ended 3:3, thanks to catenaccio tactics, a flexible goalie and a fit goalgetter-captain.
With one more match day to come – the small Hot Shots team kept the League open, hooray!