Samstag, 7. Mai 2016

AUT vs Thailand/ WM U 19 Juniorinnen in Ontario/ Kanada

aktuell: heute AUT vs Japan

Livestream for U19: Spiele der B-WM, unsere Spiele

Kreuz und Platzierungsspiel 8. Mai vs Japan
gestern: AUT vs Thailand
Das 3. Spiel unserer österreichischen Nationalmannschaft U19 gegen Thailand verloren wir leider auch 17:2. Heute gibt es noch ein Spiel gegen Japan.

Hier der Bericht von der Homepage des IFF und die Fotos von dort (

"Thailand Scores Convincing Victory over Austria

Written by: Michael Mitchell
Nelly Johansson’s six goals and three assists led her country to a decisive 17-2 win.
They certainly made a lasting impression in their first-ever U19 WFC.
Unranked Thailand continued to make strides in the world event with a second consecutive victory, this time against 12th-ranked Austria, 17-2.
A six-goal opening period set the tone for the match, and that was followed by six more in the second session, and another flurry of goals in the final period. The Austrians, limited by a short bench and a depleted roster, struggled to create scoring opportunities consistently against its quicker opponent. They scored twice in the second period, the goals from Dana Patsch and Roja Moser. Austria’s final match will be Sunday morning vs. Japan.
Players of the game:
Austria – Dana Patsch"

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