Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2017

Women´s WFCQ 2017 EUR 3 - Day 3 – 03.02.2017

Vera ist mit dabei im Nationalteam bei den Weltmeisterschafts-Qualifikationsspielen - verfolgt das mit auf der IFF-Site (International Floorball Federation)!

Hier ein Auszug:
Team Austria has been in a rebuilding face for a while and is now ready to prove that they can play good floorball. Their long term goal is to win two games and qualify as one of the best third placed teams.

Austria played against Netherlands in the second match of the day in Celano. At first Netherlands´ hands seemed to be a bit shaky, since their passes didn´t go from blade to blade. Then they found their rhythm and some beautiful passing patterns were seen. Netherlands had a 3-0 lead when 15 minutes had been played. Austria was able to decrease the score to 1-3 already during the first period and in the second period they scored a power play goal. Netherlands also got their chance on a power play but scored only a few seconds after the power play was over. The rest of the second period was controlled by Netherlands as they increased their lead to 6-2. Austria came to the third period with a new gear. Many scoring chances were seen, but unfortunately for the Austrians, most of the time the ball missed the net completely. Austria was able to score one more goal, but that was no help as during the last 6 minutes Netherlands scored three more goals making the end result 9-3 for them.
Best players:
AUT: #12 Melanie Bernert
NED: #22 Faybienne Kollau