Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2017

Women´s WFCQ 2017 EUR3 - Day 1 – 01.02.2017

Vera ist im Nationalteam mit dabei bei den Qualifikationsspielen zur Weltmeisterschaft. Ihr könnt das Geschehen mitverfolgen auf der Website der International Floorball Federation IFF. Vera wurde beim Spiel gegen Deutschland immerhin zur besten Österreichischen Spielerin gekürt!!! Bravo!!

Hier ein Auszug dazu:

Germany and Switzerland were victorious during the first day of the Women´s WFCQ EUR 3 in Celano, Italy.

Germany faced Austria in the first match of the day. As Germany is ranked 6th they were clearly the favourite in the match and it also showed on the scoreboard. Germany hold the ball for almost the full 20 minutes and were leading the match already 6-0 after first period. In the second period, Austria (ranked 27th) was able to gain ball possession from time to time and was even able to build up a few attacks. Despite their good effort, Germany´s Randi Kleerbaum was unstoppable and she scored her third goal of the match making the score 9-0 after 40 minutes. The third period of the match followed the same manuscript as the first two. Germany was controlling the ball and Austria was trying to stop them from scoring. In the end Germany won the match against Austria 13-0.
Best players:
GER: #18 Randi Kleerbaum
AUT: #16
Vera Gebert