WOMEN IN FLOORBALL SEMINAR, Thursday 7th December 2017, 09:30 – 16:30, Bratislava, Slovakia

The International Floorball Federation is pleased to announce that, in conjunction with the 11th Women’s World Floorball Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia, there will be a one-day seminar on girls and women in Floorball.

Topics that will be discussed will include:
- Presentation of examples of different Floorball programs for girls
- Problems with dropout of girls from Floorball and what measures can be taken to reduce it
- Ideas on how to build programs for girls for competition and participation
- Coaching women’s floorball. How is it different? Is it different?
- Female coach development
- Building networks for peer support

The seminar will be presented in English, participation is free of charge and lunch will be provided. Unless already accredited to the event, all participants will also receive tickets for the two quarterfinal matches that are played on Thursday evening (17:00 & 20:00). 

Registrations must be sent to mitchell@floorball.org no later than Friday 17th November 2017. 

Please advise the following information for each participant:
- Participant’s name
- Contact email
- Contact phone
- Association / Club Name